Hello beautiful friend of the Bhoomies,

First we would like to say, we are so lucky to have you. You make us laugh, you listen to our stories, you make time for us and let us in to your life.

Today is a very important day in Bhoomieland, it”s the day of the GREAT EXIT. We are sitting in a big circle holding hands and we tell stories about the year that”s almost behind us, about the lessons that we have learned, about the light that we saw and we take time out to have big belly laughs about the silly mistakes that we made.

In preparation for tomorrow, the day of the GREAT ENTRANCE, we let ourselves dream a little (sometimes a lot!), because if there is one thing that the Bhoomies know for sure, it is that it all starts with dreaming. To us the New Year is about celebrating possibility. We open ourselves to the idea of possibility by dreaming. If possibility would be a door that you open then dreaming would be the doorknob.

Dedicated to…

To help you and give you a little nudge to go on and believe in possibility, we have decided to (tadadada…) dedicate Big BoP aka The Bird of Possibility to you, yes YOU! If anyone knows about possibility it”s big BoP. He has witnessed so many dreams turn into possibilities turn into truth, that he is our own Possibility Guru.

Hand in hand with possibility comes belief. When do we believe? When we open our hearts to possibility. So let yourself be open and allow dreaming into your life.

Be Ready to be energized and inspired! Start your New Year the way you want to. Live for you in every way and help others do the same. The Bird of Possibility will help to inspire, and bring you luck for 2013. ‘Dare to Dream’ and you will soon find yourself on the road to where you want to be, as you make new discoveries along the way.

Look beyond what you think you can achieve to be possible…use your pallet of imagination as guidance, and create the world in which you would like to live, dream, be and make. It is up to you to ‘Wish to Learn’ and follow the signs, as they will guide you to where you need to be.


Need a 3D adventure?

Ingredients: Destination, Signs, A Map, A compass, Beauty

1. Dream, dream, dream. This is key to deciding on your destination. Take time to play, because most dreams and ideas come to us when we allow ourselves to play.

2. Once you have decided on your destination, you will see little signs everywhere that will take you in the right direction. The doors of possibility are wide open.

3. For a compass, all you need is to listen to your heart.

4. Remember to notice the beauty all around you and inside you. The more beauty you see and the more beauty you create the longer you will remember the beautiful lessons that you learn. In the end it is the journey that gives a dream its third dimension.

5. Just keep taking the little steps. Flap your wings and you will fly.

6. Be careful not to only chase the destination and then miss all the wonder on the way there.

7. Most important, be nice to you. It is after all your dream and you want it to be beautiful. Big BoP will be with you all the way.

We wish you all the luck and best wishes on your journey. It is a beautiful world, let go and set yourself free…..Open your wings and fly. We are all here at the Bhoomie-Wonderland wishing you a safe and prosperous flight….don’t look back and be open to your new world.

Happy New Year From all the Bhoomies

See you in 2013