Noah and Tulip | Spirit of Community Bhoomies

Hello Bhoomies!

March was devotion month in Bhoomieland. Sorry for only sharing this with you now, but it’s been a crazy strange month. And the question of devotion right at the heart of it.

On Friday the 18th my grandmother, who was one of the little fairy lights on the string wrapped around my world, passed away. I will miss her.

And in our world, a lot of bad things are happening around us. Bad things at the hands of people who believe they are doing good.

I guess it’s normal to wonder if it’s ok to speak about devotion and light when things like this happen. I think it’s also normal to “rage against the dying of the light”. The funny thing is these people that want to break the world and instil fear in others are also devotion driven and not hiding this. I read a beautifully crafted article by Maria Popova on finding the balance between critical thinking and hope and I invite you to go and read it as well.

She writes: “Critical thinking without hope is cynicism. Hope without critical thinking is naïveté.” I think she captured that perfectly.

I do sometimes wonder if I’m just naively following the light, but if those of us that lean away from cynicism don’t just put up our hands, how will we find balance when bad stuff is always on the front page. You know how sometimes when your shoulder hurt, your back muscles step in to complete your normal movement? It’s a kind of forced balance to help the body move forward until you get the help you need. In the same way, communities stand together when a bomb explodes. There are love and the essential build up of hope that sparks courage and helps us believe in the possibility of getting through this. This is the kind of light that I am devoted to.


This is the whole foundation of the Bhoomies. When I created the Bhoomies I decided to paint them bright bright white. The colour of diamonds. The colour of light that contains all the colours of the rainbow. That’s where our loyalties lie. To the Light that comes from possibility that comes from courage that comes from the little flicker of hope that comes from love. So, we’ve got to stand up against the light-robbers. The people that want to break the world. Who are, by the way, a much smaller percentage than those of us that just want to live a beautiful life, heal things, save things, persevere, love.

Did you know that there are only about 16000 lions left on the planet? I don’t know a single person that would shoot lions. Do you? Which means that there are more of us that want to protect them. (Bhoomie mathematics;)) It’s us that need to stand together.

Choose Light. Treasure Light. Love Light. Be Light.

(also: choose lions, treasure lions, love lions, be lions…roarrrrr :))

The light in me sees the light in you.