How Big Is Your Inner Puff?

By ZellieBalance, Calm, Courage, Musings, Nurturing, Wisdom

Roarrr! Roarrrrrrrrrr! Did I scare you? No? ROAAAAARRRR!! How about now? Yes? Great! I still have it! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Samson and I used to roar all the time. Running through the Bhoomieland savanna, hiding behind rocks and trees until I could pounce on someone and roar out my strength … Read More

An Inspirational Example Of How Idea Seeds Change Lives

An Inspirational Example Of How Idea Seeds Change Lives

By ZellieBelief, Change, Courage, Friendship, Gratitude, Hope, Inspiration, Love, Musings, Nurturing, Possibility

Dear Bhoomie friends One thing we all share here in Bhoomieland is a love for Mother Earth and it’s incredibly inspirational to watch small idea seeds grow into life changing sustainability projects. One such idea seed was started by Bhoomie friend Nicolé Maurel, who grew up in a small town in South Africa during the … Read More

Bhoomie Wonderland Podcast

By Princess Lie-LieGratitude, Musings, Possibility

Fiona Pattison talks to Artist Liesel Beukes, aka Princess Lie-Lie the creator of the Bhoomies who serves as their official human representative on planet earth. When Liesel is not dreaming up new Bhoomies and the adventures they have, she is also an artist.   In this, one to one interview with the artist, she tells us what … Read More