Courage Bhoomie Grit

By Princess Lie-LieBelief, Calm, Change, Courage

  Bhoomie Grit, adopted courage as his special talent after he let go of his fear of heights when he helped a little bird to trust her own wings. He allowed her to carry him which took a lot of courage. After making it through that experience he realised how fear can sometimes stand in … Read More

The Heart Story Part 1

By Lie-Lie and ZellieFriendship, Love, Wisdom

“Swoosh” said River and tilted his head to the left. “Ah, you want me to tell you a story don’t you? Hmmm…let me see…” Mermaid touched the tip of her nose and swirled around three times so that she was suddenly surrounded by a coat of sparkling bubbles. “To tell a story is to share … Read More